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I’m Roland Smeets and got involved in yuccas in 1997 I’m the founder of the famous wholesale/retail company Tropical Centre in the Netherlands who imported and exported ten thousands of Mexican/USA yuccas and became the largest yucca import exporter in the world. With the introduction of the Internet yuccas became popular across the globe and a huge hype in Europe between the years 2001 and 2010. Our history and knowhow of our Yucca background goes much further back, it goes back to 1979 when C.N Klijn started to discover and trade in these plants under the company name Winco in Rijnsburg, Roland and C.N Klijn started to cooperate in 1999 and were the first and only one to bring full grown plants of several species to the wholesale and retail market. Even writers of Yucca books or internet information bought or have seen their first plants at Winco or Tropical Centre. Over the years I have had thousands of yuccas in my hand and have seen thousands in the wild, these days I live in Portugal were I run a B&B www.villa-paraiso.com and grow yuccas on a 2000m2 large plot, mainly self-made hybrids, Yucca Linearifolia forms and Yucca Queretaroensis which are my specialities.

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You can find much of my information and descriptions from the past over internet but without my name, I don’t mind if you copy and paste, but mention the source, Copyright Roland Smeets.

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