Yucca Linearifolia "Galeana"

Yucca linearifolia “ Galeana” let me first explain you some confusion. This type of Linearifolia form was the first Linearifolia original described. Roland Smeets did give the spp name `Galeana` to this form because it comes from the area of Galeana and Rayones as official described, but actual there a 2 forms of Linearifolia not overlapping each other. People who describe a plant official get all the credits but mostly they did not even found the plant in the first place, the plants were already long time before them there and most plants were already traded on a small scale before described. That’s the reason why this plant was also traded long time ago under the name Yucca Johnstoni by Winco and known also as Linearis by Tropical Centre. The Galeana form is blue in nature and more rare, to my knowledge it streches out only over a 40km range in small groups. The other Linearifolia spp Saltillo is green in nature and grows in at least a 150km range with the centre as Saltillo but also only in certain areas and in small or larger groups, the green Saltillo form has also shorter, smaller, and more leafs then the Galeana form, note, after import they can grow into a blue green variety. 

Roland smeets with a massive specimen, Yucca linearifolia "Galeana" is my favorite because they can change in cultivation all the time, small leafs, wide leafs, long leaves, shorter leaves, blue to steel bleu colours, large trunks small trunks you name it...

About the plant itself, the Yucca linearifolia "Galeana" form is blue in habitat and can grow a cluster of 2-3 smaller trunks around the central trunk which can grow up to 200-300 cm. This plant can withstand temperatures down to -18 degrees Celsius and is one of the best Mexican yucca for outside gardening in Northern Europe, it can be found in moistures forest and on high altitudes of 1800mtr above sea level in Nuevo Leon Mexico. Also this plant has some unique qualities what makes it different from other species. It is a yucca which forms multiple trunks at the base that can be increased via cuttings. So if through circumstances the base of the trunk is rotten, it can be cut off and the plant will make new roots via de outer trunk layer. Another remarkable quality is that if the crown is rotten you can treat it for mould and this plant will make new crowns. The Galeana blue form is my favourite Yucca and it grows leaves from 80 to 120 cm when its full grown. Some plants make smaller leaves some wider and some are more blue then the other, the colour goes from greyish blue, to silver blue, its also faster growing then the green Saltillo form. If you want to know even more about the two Yucca linearifolia forms then read also my description of the Linearifolia "Saltillo" form.

Above, I  discovered this colony of Yucca linearifolia spp "galeana" high in the mountains at Iturbide in 2011, below a picture of Yucca linearifolia spp "Saltillo" form  (Copyright Roland Smeets) 

You can find much of my information and descriptions from the past over internet but without my name, I don’t mind if you copy and paste, but mention the source, Copyright Roland Smeets.

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