Yucca Linearifolia "Saltillo"

Roland smeets and a massive old specimen of Yucca linearifolia spp "Saltillo"

The green Yucca linearifolia has its origin in northeaster Mexico in the state of Coahuila with the most populations found around  Saltillo, for me there are two forms of Yucca linearifolia, the other one is official described and comes from the state of Nuevo Leon and grows around Galeana. The form we talk about here I call Yucca linearifolia “Saltillo” because its different than the other form, It is spread in small populations over a wide range of at least 150Km. The leaves are more numerous than the “galeana” form, and the “Saltillo” form grows slower, in general it spurs also at the bottom of the trunk who can grow about 200-250 cm high. The plant is cold-resistant (-18 C). It’s not my job to official describe yucca species but I will give you my opinion, the Linearifolia spp “Saltillo” form has to me more in common with Yucca queretaroensis what grows 400km further then the Linearifolia “galeana” form what grows next door. If you disagree you where probably never in Mexico so you can look at my picture below and I’m sure it explains why I think that.

Left Yucca linearifolia "saltillo" at General Cepeda on the right side  Yucca linearifolia "galeana" at Iturbide.

About the plant itself, the spp saltillo form has flexible, short green leaves up to 60-80 cm long, forming a perfectly spherical head. The Yucca linearifolia " saltillo" forms a cluster of 3-5 smaller trunks around the central trunk and can grow up to 200-250 cm. Trough influence of rain and moist the leave colour can change into blue in Europe some more than others, It can then be different then to keep the blue and green form apart but the real blue form had wider and longer leaves.This plant can withstand temperatures down to -18 degrees Celsius. Also this plant has some unique qualities what makes it different from other species. It is a yucca which forms multiple trunks at the base that can be increased via cuttings. So if through circumstances the base of the trunk is rotten, it can be cut off and the plant will make new roots. As with all yuccas they can make hybrids, common is yucca linearifolia x filifera as seen below, a cross with Yucca torryi is also common.

Yucca linearifolia "saltillo" x Yucca filifera

You can find much of my information and descriptions from the past over internet but without my name, I don’t mind if you copy and paste, but mention the source, Copyright Roland Smeets.

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