Yucca Queretaroensis x Filifera

Roland Smeets at his plot in Portugal in 2017, Yucca Queretaroensis x Yucca filifera grown from seeds from the state of Hidalgo 2008

This hybrid is a naturally occurring hybrid between Yucca queretaroensis and Yucca filifera, it grows in habitat anywhere where yucca queretaroensis is close to Yucca filifera. The leaves have mostly a small red edge what is a common thing amongst hybrids, the leaves are wider than quereteroensis but smaller than filifera and the white curly hairs of filifera are absent. Its a fast growing yucca because of the filifera influence

Outcome forms of hybridization between Yucca quereatoensis x filfera: Picture left is the most common form and also seen in nature, it has a red line along the edges and you even can see the lighter green mark inside the leafs just as Yucca filifera has. The middle picture is more rare, it has a soft bleuish colour, and only on the tips is some reddish visible. The picture on the right is also very rare it has more influence of Yucca queretaroensis the red line along the leafs is changed for a light yellow stripe along the leafs the colour of the whole yucca is a lighter green.

Yucca queretaroensis x Yucca filifera hybrid In habitat at la mina Carizal Zimapan Hidalgo (All pictures Copyright Roland Smeets)

You can find much of my information and descriptions from the past over internet but without my name, I don’t mind if you copy and paste, but mention the source, Copyright Roland Smeets.

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