Yucca Queretaroensis

Yucca queretaroensis is native to the Sierra Madre Occidental of the Mexican states of Querétaro, Guanajuato and Hidalgo. Due to its small population size in some areas, restricted distribution and habitat specificity, it is considered rare and put on te Cites list as endangered in 2009, it is a very strange decision because these plants grow on steep almost inaccessible slopes on altitudes between 800 and 1500 metres above sea level and its not more rare then Yucca Linearifolia in my opinion, I think it’s on Cites because somebody could not stand that we where able as the first in the world to import Yucca queretaroensis as adult plants in 2006 before it was cites, and that someone started to make noise not even knowing that there are also small scale  Mexican and USA growers of Yucca queretaroensis and other species, even we had a Yucca farm in Texas till 2008 and we still grow till this day seed and tissue culture plants. I point out again that the biggest mistake is to assume that before a plant was on the internet or not described it’s something new! the Mexicans use them thousands of years and even me I grew up without cell phone and internet so did thousands of other people who saw these plants but didn’t claim them on internet as something new. Yucca queretaroensis grows in a dry scrubland from Xichui all the way through the mountains it gives small or large colonies till it reaches Zimapan, it is spread on slopes like the gorges along the Rio Extorax, a tributary of the Rio Moctezuma. It grows together with other yucca species like Yucca filifera and Yucca potosina, It was poorly known to the outside world, largely because of the rugged terrain of its native habitat. The leaves are used locally for construction and flowers are consumed as food, either raw or cooked.

Yucca queretaroensis is native to the Sierra Madre Occidental of the Mexican states of Querétaro, Guanajuato and Hidalgo. It is a spectacular mostly single stemmed upright plant, but can also be find branched 2 headed. Trunks are mostly seen up to 2 mtr high, but older specimens on top of the hills can be found with 4 Mtr trunks. It has a large, prominent skirt of dead leaves hanging around the stem underneath the crown of living leaves, but I noticed also plants who grow all day in shade the skirt of old leaves is not so thick and more white. On top of the trunk it bears a ball of bright green leaves that are very narrow, no more than 3 mm across, and square in cross-section. Flowering stalks are short and rise up to 1 m above the crown, bearing white flowers. Yucca queretaroensis is considered by many to be the most beautiful Yucca species but I think mostly because it’s not so common in cultivation and it’s more a must have thing but worth the money. Older specimens may form small colony of 3-7 individuals of different sizes spreading from underground rhizomes and its frost resistant till -12C.

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